GOK Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Lothforsterstr. 46 41849 Wassenberg
Tel: +49- (0) 2432-98 595-0
E-mail: info@gok-karakus.de
Web Offset
Nilpeter, B 200 Nilpeter, B 200 Reference Number:27698
Year: 1986   Size: 200 mm   Status: Stock   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: 1 varnishing unit
Waste rewinder
rotary die station
4 Letterpressunits
rewind unit
Gallus, R 200 B Gallus, R 200 B Reference Number:27699
Year: 2009   Size: 200 mm   Status: Stock   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: Waste rewinder
1 Web Video BST Powerscope
cooling device
Web shifting device for production of double labels
6 UV-dryer
1 varnishing unit
rotary die station
5 letter press units
flat die cutter with heating plate
Roller Cooling
Additive for back printing on glue
flat die-cutting
Hunkeler, UWM 70 Hunkeler, UWM 70 Reference Number:23525
Year: 1997   Size: 420 x 310 mm   Status: dismantled   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: Speed (Off-line): 60 - 150 m/min.
Unwinding module
Roll diameter Max: 1370 mm
direction of unwinding rotation: on both sides
Paper weight: 56 - 180 g
Roll width Max: 508 mm
Roll width Min: 165 mm
Speed (On-line): 15 - 60 m/min.
Graphotechnik, 9200 Graphotechnik, 9200 Reference Number:23483
Status: Stock   Location: Deutschland   Price: on request
Description: Fold delivery band
6 stations
good condition
Flex o-tape
as is