Graphische Okkasionen Karakus
Lothforsterstr. 46 41849 Wassenberg
Tel: +49- (0) 2432-98 595-0
Fax: +49- (0) 2432-98 595-29
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International trade with graphical machines and Equipments
Our work consists of the international trade with   graphic machines and equipments. Good contacts and over 15 years of experience assure our position on the international market.

We distinguish ourselves through serious and uncomplicated handling. Our Monteure are guarantors for satisfied clients.
Latest Offers  
Pic Make Type Year Group Size Price/€
Magav CW 54 1998 Miscellenaeous - EUR
Sack Plate copie - Plate Copy - EUR
Agrafix Stitching Machine - Stitching Machine - EUR
Agrafix Stitching Machine - Stitching Machine - EUR
Hang 106 DTK-4 - Miscellenaeous 430 mm EUR
Eurofold 235 - Folding Machine - EUR
Mueller Martini Concept 1997 Business Form - EUR
Mueller Martini Concept NT 2000 Business Form - EUR
Mueller Martini A 68 1997 Business Form 680 mm EUR
KBA Rapida 105-6 2004 6 Colors 720 x 1050 mm EUR